The beginning

And there was.. 

I grew up with religion, going to church, catechism ect. But I had questions. They didn’t aswer my questions, no, I just had to read the Bible. Afterwards you can say, if only they had answered, then this site would not have existed. So, for many years i was wondering around, hearing various explanations based on the same Book. And i wondered. 

No, I don’t think my explanation here is the right one, but I don’t think the explanation given, which you encounter in all the different schools of thought, is the right one either. Please note: I allow everyone his or her own explanation. 

So, to clear my thoughts i started this site, i don’t have a plan how to do this, i’ve got a rough idea for the set up, i guess and hope this will grow, for me as a person, or for someone who is searching for answers it will be helpfull. Don’t expect standard answers, these are my thoughts, not yours. 

I think I’m going to explain Bible texts according to my own interpretation, you can agree or not but I don’t think I’m going to argue about this, you are free to have your own opinion. 

With the publication of the Book, the church had a very large influence on the text and explanation and they also determined what was and what was not included. Which brings me to the Dead Sea scrolls. Guess i gone link to that, as i don’t have the time, atm, to go deeper into that, but, those findings include the ancient Hebrew Bible. What im trying to say: those scrolls are the foundation of the Bible as we know it today. Well, the old Testament that is.

Please, now don’t expect this site to be completely finished in a few weeks, this will probably take years, as there are so many things I still want to enjoy, and let’s face it, this is not my primary necessity.

This is my introduction for now, i think it will be somewere in the menu and i hope you will read ├índ understand as with only the setup and fixing things behind the scenes i already had a brutal attack and someone tryed to enter this site. Just by the name i guess as there was no content written, no pictures included or anything else on this site.